All About The Mooncup

Also known as period cups. They have been around for ages…. I just got mine! I love it! Every girl should have one.

I really believe in this product and what a difference it can make in women’s lives that’s why I felt the need to share my experience.

What is a moon/ period cup?

A moon cup is a non- toxic, eco- friendly, sustainable alternative to tampons and pads. Mooncups are usually made from silicone. Its really comfortable and easy to use. No need to stress about the insert part, I promise, its really a stress free process!

The first time you use the product, you might notice a different feeling from what you are used too, but it helps if you just relax and allow your muscles to do the work for you.

Why aren’t more people using them?

I honestly think its because we are so trained to think tampons are convenient, when really they aren’t. They are quite costly to buy every month, you have to carry them with you and they are really bad for the environment!

Tampons clog our toilets, fill up our landfill and are made from toxic ingredients, I think there should be more questions about why there is not enough broadcast on mooncups.

Why should I use a period cup?

Its a healthier choice for you and your body. Period cups are good for the earth! Have you ever thought of how much waste tampons and pads create? Most of us are guilty of flushing these products, clogging our waterways. These products end up on our landfills and in our oceans! 170, 000 tampon applicators were collected along the US coastal areas between 1998 and 1999.

Mooncups are cheaper in the long run. You will be saving a lot of money each year by making the clever switch. Plus I think mooncup sounds quite cute!

You never have to worry about running to the shops to get your monthly goodies anymore. A mooncup can always be kept with you. It its very easy to clean and re use.

Periods are not gross! They are natural, embrace it!

We must remove the stigma from our minds of periods being ‘dirty’ and ‘unsanitary’. General hygiene is encouraged. Washing your hands before and after using the cup. But there is really nothing gross about it. Every women gets her period and its about time we normalize it!

Once you start using the cup, you will become more in tune with your body. So next time someone says gross in response to a female cycle, gently remind them without a period you would not be here today. None of us would.

Thank you mooncup for changing my life and many other women’s lives and protecting our planet! #RealMooncupUser

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Qualified chef, Health Coach and Nutritionist based in Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

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