The healing powers of broth

A type of food often referred to as a ‘superfood’ relating to gut health. Its warming, comforting and full of goodness!

Bone broth offers tons of major health benefits, some including healing the gut, boosting antioxidants, as well supporting joint and skin health.

Fasting also helps to improve Leptin resistance, another hormonal resistance pattern which leads to weight gain weight and weight loss resistance.

I try and do a bone broth fast at least once a week. It has helped to heal my gut and increase cellular repair after training. As a holistic nutritionist, I highly recommend bone broth fasting as a tool to use on a regular basis.

How can vegans and vegetarians benefit from this too?

There are nutrient – rich plant based options! There are some amazing plant- based broths that can have the same or better effects on the body as bone broth.

The only thing that will set them apart, which is rather impossible to find in vegan and vegetarian replacements is collagen.

I bought some nourishing vegan broth from Faithjuice, a sustainable source in my valley the other day. A very easy grab and go process!

The broth tasted wonderfully comforting, I honestly felt nourished from head to toe after my heating up my first cup. It had a mushroom, ginger, coconut amino, Asian style flavour about it.

Visit for more info.

Wholesome plant- based Vegan broth, ingredients;


Mixing fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms is a great way to infuse your broth benefiting from Selenium (an element that supports joint and immune health), Vitamin D, B vitamins, Iron and Zinc.


Kombu or wakame can add powerful benefits to your broth. Kombu is often used whilst cooking beans to help break down the phytic acid (making it easier to digest and boost nutrient absorption).

Seaweed is a great source of Omega 3 (a potent anti- inflammatory, vegans often struggle to find), rich in B vitamins, Vitamin C, K and a rich source of natural Iodine (supporting the thyroid function).

Healthy fats- Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a high source of saturated fat in the form of medium chain triglycerides. It helps to boost the metabolism, curb hunger and contains anti- microbial properties.

Leafy greens – Spinach or kale

Food for a beautiful skin and hair! Rich in Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, A and many more!

Read more about greens on a previous blog I wrote

Flavor enhancers

Onions, garlic, vegetable peels (carrots peels, herb stems). Adding more antioxidant rich powers to your broth.

Turmeric and ginger

Nourishing and healing the liver as well as reducing inflammation in the body. I love the warmth it adds to food.

Feel free to become a little inventive here, there is no right or wrong foods to add.

Bone broth fasting

A bone broth fast is a type of modified intermittent fast that entails consuming bone broth several times per day as a replacement for meals.

Bone broth provides the body with essential amino acids while allowing the gut to rest. This will also help to reduce inflammation in the body and boost the immune system. Stress and anxiety can play a large contributing factor to leaky gut syndrome, when our gut lining is damaged our glutamine levels become depleted.

Bone broth is rich in glutamine, collagen and gelatin to support and repair the gut integrity, which in return enhances nutrient absorption of future meals.

Bone broth can really easily be used as a tool to support gut health and to recover from autoimmune flare ups, like food poisoning or flu for example.

Fasting supports a reduction in insulin levels which allows the body to access fat as a fuel source, which stimulates our metabolism and has a muscle sparing effect.

I just completed a 36 hour bone broth fast and I have never felt better! Bone broth is packed with minerals as well as amino acids which makes it the perfect healing food when my body needs do some cellular clean up.

How to do a bone broth fast

Consume 2-3 litres of grass fed bone broth per day. If vegan / vegetarian you can omit for the vegetable broth option.

Generally, consume broth when feeling hungry. Add coconut oil, turmeric as little as possible, it’s best to consume plain broth.

You can add herbs/ spices such as turmeric and Himalayan salts which helps to improve the flavor and increase nutritional density. If you struggle with bloat, digestive stress, drink the broth as clean as possible to avoid any further potential reactions.

Drink lots of herbal teas, coffee is okay. Eliminate all dairy, fish and meat.


If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, low body weight or feeling hungry, limit the time you do the fast. Fast for a shorter time period or maybe this is not an option for you.

Guidelines to fasting

Restrict exercise, try to do gentle movement therapy instead such as yoga or walking.

Do something nice for yourself to allow the body to feel ‘safe’ as it may be a stress-or for you and your body during that specific time.

Fasting is NOT appropriate if pregnant or breastfeeding, if significantly underweight or if you have a history of disordered eating. You should only fast if being actively monitored by a nutrition professional.

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