Tea Meditation

To me tea is much more than a simple hot cup of liquid. Its a sensory experience. I like to sip on my warm cup of tea and treat myself to a little meditation whilst drinking the tea.

Tea mediation?!

Yes you can sip on your tea and meditate at the same time too!

The meditation practice starts from the moment I switch on the kettle. Listening to the kettle boil, looking at the vibrations and steam escaping. Then I allow the tea to infuse for a few minutes in a beautiful cast iron tea pot.

I like to take 5 minutes to really enjoy the tea ceremony I create for myself. It has taught me to really appreciate my tea more and become more present in the moment.

Just as one would enjoy a wine tasting, looking at the colour and viscosity of the wine, smelling the different aromas, tasting the fruit, natural sweetness or spice, I practice the same mindful meditation with my tea.

I find my nose and palate have become more trained – making me a better taster!

Since I started practicing tea meditation I feel less stressed and anxious. I suppose its because I have become more aware and mindful without distractions.

Health benefits of drinking tea

It is no secret that drinking tea is good for you. Tea has been used for many years as an integral part of traditional medicine.

Chinese and Japanese drink tea to improve their health and its promoted in Western medicine as a way to treat symptoms of cold and flu.

Nutritional value of tea

There are many different kinds of teas, but almost all tea have nutritional and health values. Green tea is considered to be the healthiest, but all teas contain antioxidants.

The antioxidants found in tea can help to promote good health and prevent cancer.

Tea supports balanced gut flora. There is evidence that shows tea is rich in Polyphenols which help to support a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut.

Supports cognitive function and balance mood. Sipping on a cup of tea can help to calm and restore our nervous system. Tea also provide a rich source of l’theanine an essential amino acid which helps to increase dopamine in the brain.

Tea can increase fat burn in the body. There are Catechins found in tea which suppresses our hunger hormone, reducing cravings and hunger pains. Green tea is the most effective fat burning tea and helps to burn visceral fat, which is the dangerous fat around our organs.

How to choose a tea

Choose organic loose leaf tea as much as possible, using a tea infuser made from stainless steel and glass. Avoid tea produced in masses, as these tend to have higher amounts of heavy metals. Read your ingredient list, make sure there are no sweeteners or unknown ingredients added to the tea.

My favorite tea at the moment is Buchu tea. I bought some this weekend from Low Impact Living – The Wild & Waste -Free Grocer + CafĂ©+ Venue. https://www.facebook.com/lowimpactlivingshop/

Situated in our beautifully valley in Glencairn. This beautiful little space has so much to offer, from plastic and waste – free grocery shopping, to organic produce, lifestyle products, great coffee and many more! A must visit!

Buchu tea has tons of health benefits

Historically, Buchu has been used to treat inflammation in the body, it is very helpful in alleviating urinary tract infections as a natural antibiotic. The health benefits are endless, the main reason I love drinking a cup every day is for the antihistamine properties found in the tea.

Since we’ve moved to the beautiful Cape Kingdom, I have had quite a few allergy sensitivities from the Cape bushes, the goodness of the Buchu herb most definitively helped to soothe and reduce cold and flu like symptoms.

Buchu is also native to South Africa. Buchus grow as shrubs with leathery leaves. The odor and taste is a bit spicy and resembles a bit of a black currant taste.

Let me know what is your favorite tea and what therapeutic properties it offers.

Dot you later! X

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