Healthy packing guide to any destination

Whether you are going on a relaxing beach holiday, adventurous pack packing or African safari there are a few things I find essential for a comfortable, stress free trip.

I always make sure I am well equipped before embarking on my trip, there is nothing worse than going back to work, with a weak immune system or a few extra pounds taking a toll on your health.

I’ve packed a few supplements as well to support and maintain my inner balance when it comes to digestion, stress and sleep. 

A few of the must have travel essentials

Sunscreen- I love the Forever aloe SPF 30 sunscreen spray. It’s so light and soft on my skin I love the feeling. Plus its water resistant too! 

Re usable water bottle – drinking loads of water whilst on the move is absolutely essential. I just clip it onto my backpack and there I go free of lead, BPA and other toxins. 

A few fitness essentials – I packed my theraband too. I am still recovering from a shoulder injury, which means I must fit in a few healthy movements that can be done anywhere. 

Comfortable shoes – I love my sneakers. They look cute with any outfit. The important part here is comfort.  

Fav pair of jeans- jeans are so versatile. You can mix and match it with anything. You can dress it up with a funky top and some heels for a night out or dress it down with a comfortable long sleeve and a bold scarf. 

Travel pillow – because yes beauty sleep is important plus your neck and shoulders will thank you! 

Camera – memories have to be captured! I love being able to share my memories with friends and family and what better way to describe all the beautiful places you’ve been or things you’ve experienced than through photos!


Powder form bone broth from Super Nature’s Bone Broth- I love bone broth and wont be able to cook bones for hours to benefit from my quick fix so the solution concentrated bone broth powder. 

Its super easy to mix, stir and sip. The one I use comes from a really good reliable source and has prebiotics added for flavor including Baobab powder. It’s really yummy!

L ‘glutamine – it helps to support my liver, reduce sugar cravings as well as stabilize blood sugar levels. 

Essential oils – I absolutely love the mix of doTERRA oils, I received a lovely gift from my dear friend Diana from doTERRA Mammas this week to take with on the trip.

She knows my needs so well. She made me 3 very special oils for the trip. 

Tummy oil – it helps to alleviate an upset tummy, nausea and digestive problems, it contains natural coriander, peppermint, star anise, fennel and many more amazing tummy healing ingredients. 

Calm and clear – the second oil is to keep me calm and collected which includes coconut oil, Vetiver and Copaiba. 

doTERRA on gaurd- also included in my loving gift from my dear friend. It’s so awesome to have these on hand when you need to keep everything around you clean and fresh, it smells amazing too! 

The smell resembles something warm, spicy and woody. One can even soak apples in a few drops for a healthy immune- boosting snack.

Aloe vera gelly- an amazing translucent gel to have on hand for minor skin irritations. 

Forever aloe field of greens – When on the go it can be rather difficult to benefit from all the amazing super foods greens contain like spirulina, chlorella, kelp many more. Not traditionally a holiday favorite.

This supplement offers the perfect way to pack vitamins, minerals and photo- nutrients int your day to support detoxification and immunity.

Activated charcoal- I will be spending some time in Italy and that means pizza and pasta! I am very gluten intolerant, these guys will help to alleviate gas and bloating as well as help to remove the toxins from my body. 

Please note these supplements are not be used as quick fixes nor for daily use. Its only used in case of emergencies. I don’t want to ruin my trip by spending most of it on the toilet. 

Please consult your doctor before taking any of the supplements listed above, some of these supplements may interfere with absorption of your current medication.

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Qualified chef, Health Coach and Nutritionist based in Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

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