How to stay healthy during the festive season

I think we all need a bit of weaponry to resists all the mince pies and cocktails heading our way the festive season.

The main trick is balance. Don’t deprive yourself and create stress over something that can make you less sociable and grumpy at the end of the day.

You can survive the festive season and still be healthy, here’s how with my 5 top tips:

  1. Don’t attend a Christmas party on an empty stomach. Always eat a healthy snack before you go. Don’t rush to eat, socialize and settle in before rushing to the food buffet.
  1. Balance the unhealthy meals you eat with healthy meals. For example, try not to eat full breakfast every morning, try have a protein shake instead. Try not to fall in the habit of dessert after every meal, try a good cuppa afterwards instead, it might satisfy those cravings.
  1. Keep a few healthy snacks on standby. I like to make a few healthy snacks beforehand, that way I am less tempted to indulge in all the unhealthy snacks. The one thing I always have on standby in the freezer are toasted nut and seed mixes.
  1. Drink a lot of water! Make it more interesting by adding in a few slices of cucumber, some mint or even berries. Water can help to fill you up preventing holiday overeating.
  1. Get moving. Make the most of the warm weather. Do something active with your loved ones. Plan an early morning hike and get the whole family involved, they’ll thank you later!

Enjoy the festive season, let go of all your stressors, the memories will last a lifetime.

Dot you later! X

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Qualified chef, Health Coach and Nutritionist based in Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

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