Low Carb Eating

The benefits of low carb diets and why it works.

Low carb diets are now becoming more widely accepted. Sadly, they are still not prescribed by the medical community as a means for addressing insulin resistance, diabetes, or many other diseases. 

Low carb diets and fasting allow the body to make Ketones. When carbohydrate consumption is small enough. Helping the body to heal naturally. It also helps to reduce high insulin which has a massive impact on overall health!

Ketones are anti-inflammatory and help to turn on naturally occurring antioxidants within the body as well as turn on and off specific gene expression that is related to diseases and aging.

Elements around grains

Grains are an easy source of calories and can easily be converted into glucose. Grains contain anti- nutrients such as; lectins, gluten and phytates which are found in foods such as breads, cereal, pasta, beans, legumes and peanuts just to name a few. These foods cause mild to severe health disturbances when consumed, including adverse digestion, immune and inflammatory reactions.

What is inflammation?

Exposing the body to a stimuli of pro- inflammatory compounds, which causes the body to release inflammatory mediators from the white blood cells which conduct inflammatory chemical signaling.

While inflammation is a normal, protective process in the body, when the immune system is continuously triggering an inflammatory response, chronic inflammation can lead to undesirable symptoms including joint pain, headaches digestive issues, stubborn weight loss, fatigue, and eventually chronic disease.

Benefits of low carb eating

Weight loss

Reducing carbohydrates helps you to tap into body fat and remove water retention. Lowered glucose levels helps the body to tap into alternative energy sources. Low carb diets reduce insulin, which is the fat- storing hormone.

Diabetes reversal

Reducing carbohydrate consumption will help to bring down glucose levels. Therefore, if you minimize glucose, the more regulated blood sugar levels become.

Blood sugar regulation

Blood sugar imbalances causes fatigue, mood swings, headaches and many other symptoms. By increasing consumption of sustainable protein and fats and lowering consumption of carbohydrate and sugar, blood sugars will remain more balanced and those symptoms will become regulated.

Wheat, corn, soy are some of the most genetically modified crops. These foods have been engineered to create a heartier crop by increasing their natural insecticides. In return they can cause an inflammatory response in our bodies by causing a leaky gut.  Most processed foods, encapsulated medications or supplements, cosmetics, and even detergents can contain wheat, corn, and/or soy. 

Substituting non starchy vegetables in place of pasta or other starchy foods can save calories and up to 50-75 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

Even for someone not looking for weight loss, eliminating grains can have HUGE benefit in terms of reducing inflammation, balancing hormones and resetting digestion! There are tons of fun recipes in my healthy gut Ebook https://chefdot.com/product/chef-dot-recipe-book/

I promise the recipe book will give you plenty of delectable grain free options with heaps of flavour!

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