Nutritionist approved ways to lose weight

If losing weight is your 2020 resolution, you may be priming yourself to fail just by labeling it as such. That is because within a few months, 80% of your resolutions are kaput.

In December, everyone wants to indulge in cookies, cheese plates and champagne. January we all want to go on a sudden diet, detox or cleanse.

This binge and restrict pattern is really bad for your health and long term weight loss, but not just that you are setting yourself up for body shaming and yo – yo dieting.

I would like to change your perspective on this whole ‘resolution’ thing and help you honor your body and set clearly defined personal goals. What does that mean for you? No quick fixes, juice cleanses or counting calories.

New habits will establish a foundation for lasting health, well- being and weight management.

There are a few key tips you can start introducing today to help you achieve healthier eating habits. These include:

Eat break fast every day. Ensure your breakfast is energy sustaining with a combination of protein, fiber and good for your fat versus restricting to save calories.

Eat regularly. Aim for eating every 2-3 hours. This will help to stabilize your blood sugar levels, and prevent you from running to the vending machine in a hangry state.

Find ways to stay active. Take the dog for a walk in the afternoons after work. Park further away from the door.

These adjustments may sound simple, but sometimes it can be more challenging to apply in real life. Try and use these tips as a guide and make adjustments based on the foods you love and the activities you enjoy doing.

Prioritize you personal health. Where you are and your environment determines what types of foods are available to you.

Set yourself up for success by asking:

  • Do I eat when I am at home? At work?
  • Where do I ‘lose’ time I would rather use for physical activity?
  • Where and when would I be drinking the extra glass of wine or ordering the fries?

Assess your environment and use it as your guideline to put healthier habits into action. If your current job requires a lot of dining out then you need to prioritize healthier eating habits by adding in more vegetables and sustainable proteins to your meals.

Set boundaries that will help you reach your goals.

It will help you honor what is important to you for the sake of mental, physical and emotional health. You are not restricting yourself from specific foods and alcohol for the rest of your life. You are training your self to make better choices and helping to heal your body.

Give yourself a break now and then. Go off route a little bit and invite people you enjoy spending time with.

Identify your needs before taking action

Take second to evaluate what’s really going on. Are you really hungry or just craving something sweet? If you are hungry, eat a little bit more protein.

  • Ask yourself am I thirsty? Did I drink enough hydrating fluids today?

Every time you eat is a chance to make more nutritious choices that support your overall health goals. Consciously choosing to indulge is a better way of taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit.

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Qualified chef, Health Coach and Nutritionist based in Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

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