Sustainable replacements for everyday products

So let’s be honest from the start, when you go to the grocery store, buying products that are environmental friendly is not exactly number one on your priority list, right?

The thing is, it should be. Yes these products are usually more expensive and not always easy to access which does require a bit of planning from your side.

So I have compiled a list of 5 things that you can do which may make your life a dash easier, greener and more sustainable, which in the long – run will actually help you to save heaps of money!

If we all try and implement these few small changes in the long run you could be contributing towards the future health of our planet and giving back to mother-earth.

5 small changes you can start implementing today towards a greener future:

  1. Get yourself a re- usable water bottle – We all have to drink water and we consume quite a bit of it on a daily bases, so why buy plastic bottles every time you are thirsty? Why not re use the same bottle each time. These bottles end up on landfill.

If you are concerned about the chemicals and toxins of the water you drink, consider buying a re- usable bottle with a built- in filter or alternatively install a water filter system in your home.

You can carry this bottle with you wherever you go and refill it when necessary. Quick and hassle free!

2. Grocery bags– Stop buying plastic bags every time you go to the store! There is millions of plastic bags lying around everywhere. When you are buying a plastic bag, you are contributing to that problem. Get yourself a couple of re- usable grocery bags.

They are stronger than plastic bags, they look nicer and you can keep them in your car for when you visit the grocery store.

3. Plastic straws– Thank goodness most restaurants don’t hand out plastic straws anymore and have invested in the eco – friendly straws. The problem with those straws are they tend to go soggy. Not my vibe. If you don’t carry a re – usable straw with you, how else are you supposed to drink your smoothie on the go? I completely understand.

Solution- Buy a re- usable straw that you can wash after use and store in your bag or car should you treat yourself with a smoothie. No plastic straw needed anymore.

4. Practice conservation– You can practice conservation by turning off the lights as you leave a room or by conserving water. Conserve water by taking shorter showers, fix leaking pipes around your home, don’t let the tap run whilst you brush your teeth or save water in a rain barrel when it rains to water your garden.

5. Plant a Spekboom- I recently came across a really cool foundation started by Kirkwood Johan Swart. He started a Spekboom foundation in the Eastern Cape. He believes it may be the saviour plant. These amazing little plants has an incredible power to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and, in this way, offset harmful carbon emissions in the same way as sub- tropical rain forests do.

You can like and follow their page by clicking on the link –

Trees are necessary for us to survive. They help to provide oxygen in the air, they help to clean the air, provide shelter for animals and prevent soil erosion. Trees can make your garden more cooler in the summer months, which in turn also helps to reduce consumption of energy.

Education is key. The more we educate others on how important it is to live an environmental friendly life, the more awareness we can create and the easier it will become to conserve our planet earth.

These small changes are relatively easy to make and can really help to make a big difference.

Let me know what you are doing to practice a more enviromental friendly life in the comments below.

Dot you later! X

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Qualified chef, Health Coach and Nutritionist based in Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

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