Third trimester recap

Typing this blog as I approach 39 weeks. I can’t believe we are so close to meeting our daughter! I know my third trimester isn’t over just yet, but since I could go into labour any day now, I figured I should go ahead and write this post now.

In case you missed them, here are the first and second trimester posts.

The last couple of weeks, certainly feel like a waiting game. I think third trimester might have been my favorite. I definitely felt relieved that we passed the point of viability and that the baby grows and develops so much each week. I loved watching my belly grow. Hubby and I also completed a lot of the major projects early in the third trimester so it was now a time to finally slow down and enjoy some quality time with my husband.

Physical feelings

I am grateful for all that I have felt and experienced in this time! I have never really felt too painfully uncomfortable in the third trimester- I am pleasantly surprised and still enjoying my afternoon walks with my furry children. I plan on keeping this healthy habit until I go into labour. Maybe it will help to alleviate the birthing process?

There are of course uncomfortable moments, like lower back pain and many long sleepless nights. However, I never reached a stage that I couldn’t manage.

The bump feels massive and all that goes with it, large breasts and thighs rubbing against each other, but I have loved it all so much. Feeling and seeing my baby kick from the outside has also absolutely fascinated me. I think the idea of mamahood starts to settle and you actually start looking like a mommy with your big’ ol belly.


I had some moments in my second trimester where I felt very emotional and overwhelmed. However, I managed to have pinpointed those feelings to being very busy and stressed out at work and then pregnancy to top it all off.

In my third trimester a whole bunch of new emotions came along. Mostly happy emotions. I felt calmer and happier in my third trimester. I could find myself really having a good laugh at something that is not particularly that hilarious but at the moment it made me laugh until my belly hurt. I would like to think that all the laughter will help to encourage the birth of a joyful baby.

I also experienced a lot of gratitude in this trimester. More than ever. Just really being grateful for this journey, a wonderful loving husband, all our friends and family’s love and support, it really has been such a blessing!

I had my moments during the third trimester feeling a little nostalgic about how life is about to be completely changed around. I kept thinking there is an actual human being growing inside my tummy. This human being will be our person, our child. My mind could not even comprehend the rest, however the excitement has always managed to overrule the fears and anxiety.

Baby shower

My mom and friends arranged a special baby shower for me at 34 weeks. It was truly such a special and memorable day for me. We played some fun games, had some good laughs. Everyone bought beautiful gifts, it was all so sweet! Reflecting back, it felt like a village of women coming together, preparing me for motherhood, sharing their stories, encouraging and motivating me. It’s so amazing what a tribe of women can do, what we are capable of.

Birth plan

The hospital I am giving birth at is so well prepared and in control of this whole thing including my Doctor. I am actually not even stressed or worried about the birthing at all. At 32 weeks hubby and I went for our first antenatal class at the hospital and it was such an amazing experience!

I am beyond grateful we went and would highly recommend such a class to any mommy to be.

As far as the actual birth plan – I don’t really have a plan in place, so I would rather call it ‘birth preferences’.

Our baby girl will arrive at her own terms and I am trying really hard to envision and prepare for many different scenarios, including a c- section should that be the case.

How we got ready for a baby

  • Packing our hospital bag was the first thing I started with, it actually takes more time than you would think! There is so many ideas and tips, I just searched a few and chatted to friends and family who have gone through the whole process to ensure we have everything we need. The antenatal class also gave us a list of things they recommend.
  • The second thing we did was install the carseat. This was a fun little activity for hubby and I. We had a few good laughs as no first time parent is exactly sure how any of those things work.
  • Watching classes. I tried to educate myself with as many breastfeeding, natural birthing and taking care of baby classes as I could.
  • Preparing freezer meals. I have basically just doubled recipes every time I cooked so that we can freeze the other half for when our little person is here.
  • Wrapping up lingering work tasks and officially setting up my maternity leave.
  • House cleaning, by that I mean deep cleaning the house!
  • Paperwork that is essential, but very boring like setting up life insurance, a will and making some changes to our health insurance.
  • Soaking up the sun and being outdoors as much as I can.
  • Putting the final finishing touches in place on the nursery as well as our house.

Maternity plan

My husband is planning on taking 10 days paternity leave and then my mom will be staying with us to help with the whole process. My hubbies parents are planning on visiting later on as we are more settled, they have to travel quite far to get to us.

I am planning on going back to work after 4 months, however I do want to leave myself the freedom of crossing that bridge when I get there. I have never taken so much time away from my job, I know I will truly miss it. But I am also so incredibly grateful to have this time to prepare and bond with my baby after she is here.

I guess that wraps up my third and final trimester. It’s hard to believe that I have blogged this whole pregnancy! I hope to post a special birth story soon. Thank you for following along- I cant wait to welcome our baby girl into this world very soon!

Dot you later! X

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