About Chef Dot

My food philosophy

Chef Dot is all about celebrating what you can do with food intolerances and healthy eating. It’s not a diet, or a one size fits all, I adapt the recipes to suit you and your lifestyle. All families have different tastes and preferences. I know it can be hard to cook different meals for all the family members. ENOUGH! Keep everyone happy with yummy food cooked with local ingredients, made with love.

My values are: Cooking with fresh and organic foods, helping families to find confidence in cooking healthy meals and dealing with food intolerances.

I love food and I love nutrition and I want to share this journey with you!

My journey with food

Reflecting on my own life, my health has always been a challenge. As an infant, I struggled with eczema, I was not even able to wear disposable nappies. After many doctors visits and being prescribed the same pills and creams throughout my life, I realised none of these helped cure my eczema. So that’s when I realized that your body’s wellbeing is intricately linked to what you feed it.

My Health Investment

The mistakes and experiences along the way is what made me a damn good chef today!

I love experimenting with food, and exploring new recipes! This is where my love for food came from, the science behind it and the different techniques involved. This is what inspired me to turn my passion into a full-time career and further my studies in Health Coaching, Nutrition and Cheffing.

Working as a Chef

Chefs are not allowed to have dietary preferences, and as a result, working in the pastry section has always been a struggle because of my gluten sensitivity but I had to learn despite getting covered in flour every day.

I have empathy and understanding for people with unique dietary preferences, because of my personal journey.

I prepare meals that change people’s lives, and predominantly children with specific dietary needs. I love helping parents to be able to provide healthy and balanced meals, despite the different dietary requirements within the household.

Why Chef Dot?

During my Chef training, my name was either pronounced incorrectly or forgotten. To my relief, someone asked me if I had a nickname and that is were Chef Dot was born. My family calls me Dot because I was a chubby baby. I still have the chubby cheeks today 😉

­I hope you enjoyed reading my story and thank you for visiting.

Dot you later!

Roasted Seeds

More about Chef Dot

Food as medicine approach

I like to unravel the root cause of inflammation in the gut as well as the cause of chemical imbalances in the brain. Most of the time we can reduce anxiety and beat inflammation by following sustainable dietary shifts.

I use food as medicine as the primary intervention as well as nutritional supplements to boost my clients health or to help heal a deficiency as well as lower inflammation in the body. I design meal plans that are tailor fitted to your needs while integrating it with the function of integrative medicine.


I am a Holistic Nutritionist and wellness coach. Holistic Nutrition is a health care system based on integrating the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual components of someone’s life. It emphasizes personal responsibility and a cooperative relationship between practitioner and client. Working with both the diet and lifestyle.

I specialized my studies in vegan and vegetarian diets, sports nutrition and ketogenic diets.

To obtain this accreditation, I completed my studies through a private college that offers an intensive program based on a university-level curriculum with locations in the United Kingdom.

I graduated with a few diplomas accredited and approved by The international alliance of holistic therapists.

Nutritionists are not recognized by a medical community with this designation.