DNA Testing

Discover the healthiest foods for you, based on your genes

The secret to eating for a healthier you is in your genes. Your DNA test results enable us to customize a plan just for you. Discover your body’s ideal nutrient intakes, find out if you are sensitive to lactose, gluten, alcohol, caffeine and many more. I believe in food as medicine, let me help you find the best foods to match your genes. 

We care about your health! 

Is a low, moderate, or high carbohydrate intake better for your health?  We analyze over 200 genetic variants that influence how your body metabolizes the food you eat. Your recommendations are based on comprehensive research that links your genetic profile to the nutrient quantities that have shown positive health outcomes for your genotype. These health outcomes include positive impacts on BMI, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol levels as well as overall cardiovascular and metabolic health.

How do you heal your genes with food?

We compare your genes’ ideal nutrient needs. This provides you with the best food sources that are healthiest for you. Whether you’re at grocery shopping, on the go, or at your favorite restaurant, you’ll know exactly which foods to eat.

DNA Tests

Get your DNA tested by following these easy steps:

  1. Chose the test you would like to do. 
  2. Arrange courier delivery for the cheek swab test. Conduct the test at home in fasting state. Place in fridge. 
  3. Arrange courier delivery for the swap to be taken directly to the lab for testing. 
  4. Receive your report in your inbox. 
  5. Arrange a video call with us, so that we can help you optimize your genes with the right food as medicine approach. 
  6. Start eating healthier, based on your genes. 

Custom-designed DNA Tests

Custom designed DNA tests for weight management, chronic disease risk, athletic performance, diet, skin care and much more.  

Choose your test:

  • Discover your Ancestry
  • DNAlysis is proud to bring you myDNAorigin.

Discover your origins with the most comprehensive ancestry test in Africa.

By analysing thousands of genetic variations in your DNA, and comparing them to established population databases, we can take you back thousands of generations to determine where in the world your ancestors came from.