Berdine is vibrant and enthusiastic. Her passion for her vocation is seen in the detail and care she takes with each client. She always strives to undertake each unique person’s needs. This is in my opinion a sort of quality that I value.
Tanya Collop

I cannot recommend Chef Dot enough! After struggling with my stomach for most of my life she has managed to make me feel better and healthier than I ever have. Her knowledge and methodology is second to none and I am so grateful to her for opening my eyes on how to be a happier and healthier version of myself. It would be in everyone’s benefit to visit Chef Dot to become the best version of themselves.
Warren Spenscer

Chef Dot not only a Chef, but an amazing Nutritionist as well. She helped me with some concerns regarding my cycle. She suggested I try seed cycling and I couldn’t believe the change in my cycle! A wonderful natural remedy that really helped to improve my life! Thank you for all your help Chef Dot!
Hanrie Smith

I lost 4kg in 9 days on the detox and a lot of cm, which mean a lot more to me than the weight. I feel a lot better and less bloated! I didn’t know what to expect, but I am so happy I did it! Thank you Berdine for all the help and encouragement along the way.
Fleurie Mcniven

I would highly recommend Berdine’s body analysis and meal plan services. I have had two appointments with her and both times she was incredibly professional and the issues she picked up with my health were very accurate. I also tried her recipes and found them to be easy and delicious. 
Adrienne De Jager

I have been on a constant struggle to lose weight. After week 2 I tend to give up because of boring food. I mean what can you cook with 100g protein and 120g selected vegetables. But then I met Chef Dot. Berdine has prepared the most amazing meals with the right combinations and awesome flavour and texture. I have not looked back once and so inspired by her healthy cooking that I lost 9kgs in 4 weeks. Berdine takes the anxiety out of preparation and I can relax knowing that my goal weight is around the corner through healthy eating. It is worthwhile and highly recommended to approach Berdine for your support to lose weight or just to eat healthy through her good quality organic produce and excellent cooking skills. Chef Berdine you have rocked my world and I am in deep gratitude for the care and support whilst feeding my body. Try it….its worth it. The best way I have ever spent my money. Investing in a healthy future. Thank you Berdine, you are amazing. 
Karin De Beer

Absolutely the tastiest health meals ever! You helped me to achieve so much in healthy eating and awareness. Thank you 
Zeidah Timol

Chef Dot has changed my life in a matter of days! My ungodly work hours for TV news (3.30am) affect my energy, weight, eating habits and mood. Anyone who knows me knows about my chocolate addiction! After doing her 3 days cleanse I could look at chocolate and not want it (that’s BIG for me) and having her prepare at least one of my daily meals, tailor-made for me, has made all the difference! Her meals are so delicious (who would have thought healthy could be so tasty?) that I’ve not touched “junk” in over a week now. I’ve already started seeing a difference in my body and mind. She also gives you “treats” for those tough days. Chef Dot does EVERYTHING for you, all you have to do is chew! 
Uveka Rangappa

Chef Dot has completely changed my life! Her food is absolutely delicious and she is delightful to deal with. Her prices are so good you will never want to cook for yourself again. Receiving freshly cooked food every day from an outstanding chef with no fuss, no waste, no thought, is the best thing ever!! I highly recommend her for all and any of your eating requirements, even big families. Thanks, Chef Dot you are the best! 
Simone Kritzinger