Menu Planning by Chef Dot

Chef Dot is all about celebrating what you can do with food intolerances ​and healthy eating. It’s not a diet, nor a one size fits all. I custom design a meal plan to suit you and your lifestyle. All families have different tastes and preferences. I know it can be hard to plan different meals for all the family members. Enough! I would love to help.

“It’s not a diet, or a one size fits all, ​I custom design a meal plan to suit you and your lifestyle.”


Your goals are my passion!

The following will be addressed, optimal weight, reducing food cravings, improving sleep and maximizing energy. As we embark on the journey of discovery, you will develop a deeper understanding about which food and lifestyle choices work best for you. By implementing these changes you will improve your energy, balance, gut microbiome and health. 

“I want to help you and your family find fresh and exciting ways to stay healthy.”