DNA Analysis

Is medication addressing your future health?

Is symptom treatment good enough for you? Or do you want to focus on identifying and treating the root-cause in order to avoid the symptom in the first place?

Taking vitamins daily is necessary to supplement the lack of nutrition in your diet.

Do you know how much supplementation you need? Or how much nutrition you are benefiting from the food you eat? Is your gut allowing nutrient absorption to take place optimally?

I would love to help you re – address your vitamin imbalances and deficiencies. For optimum health and longevity, your body requires specific amounts of certain nutrients at the optimal time.

Our health can be altered because we can now determine the root cause of our present and future health conditions. Through the use of new technology. That involves a non- invasive blood test that reliably detects, vitamin deficiencies, gut health, liver functioning and many other health risks. It helps to get to the root cause of the problem. This can help to prevent rather than cure certain diseases such as Arthritis. A meal plan can be designed after the DNA analysis, custom to your bodies specific needs, using food as medicine as the primary intervention.

How nutrition plays a vital role in overall health.

Knowing what food to eat to address your nutrition shortage, and identify when your body needs it. Know whether your gut is absorbing the nutrition or creating a shortage.

Through the DNA analysis test

Monitor your nutrition

Is your quality of food enough or do you need to complement your diet with supplements for the body to have the correct amount of nutrition it needs? Is your body absorbing the nutrition? If not, how do you ensure optimum absorption?

Nutrition is key to optimum health, however conventional health approaches are not giving it enough attention.